Happy Easter

Have you noticed they are remastering older movies and changing the year of the film – it’s annoying because some movies still look old as shit. Today I was like, wait a minute! When did they make a 2022 Ring movie? They didn’t. Why can’t they keep the original year and put “remastered” in brackets or something?

“Happy Easter, Zoey!”


“What you mean why!? It’s Easter and you’re a bunny!”

“I don’t fuck with eggs bitch!”


Rude rabbit
do do do do do do
Rude rabbit


Today I went to The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery – a bunch of people converted a 1920s plant into an exhibition space. After that, I stopped for a classic beavertail by the water. I was ready to go home but walking through Union Station I saw six photos from I Am Still Here: Black Joy is Resistance. Sponsored by TD and curated by MakeRoom Inc. I took pictures

I spoke to my sister and nieces earlier this week. Tia told me I look famous. 🤩 Just wait till my fro gets bigger yo! Tomorrow or later this week I will show you some pictures from the Power Plant Gallery. Right now my sex work ad is more important. I’m gonna get full-page ads in major newspapers and online services.

Sleep tight!

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