Sounds of Achievement

I wrote four new poems today. Hashoo! Atchoo! The name and sound of achievement! I enjoy thinking, and writing, about the dark side of human nature. I don’t know why that appeals to me.

🎶 I’m in the mood for love. Simply because you’re with me. Funny, but when you’re near me, I’m in the mood for love. Heaven is in your eyes. Bright as the stars we’re under. Oh is it any wonder. I’m in the mood for love? 🎶

I’m In The Mood For Love – Various Artist


Lately, I’ve been writing stuff all over the place. Then when I am ready to go back and edit, I can’t remember where I put it. Did I captured it in my bedside book, wrote parts in Grammarly, OneNote, on a PostItNote, the back of an envelope, in MS Word, or my other little fat journal book thing? Or maybe I already published it. Perhaps I only dreamed it. Grrrrr.

UGH! I need help getting organized. I have an idea … like a recipe box thingy. I’ll keep you posted. Sometimes too, when I write, I have words/lines that may not fit into the current poem but I like it enough for something else, you know. But I don’t know where to put those lines and they get lost too.

I HATE the term “woke” as much as, or more than, dad HATES “blessed!” lol!



I’m thinking about getting an IG account but I also feel iffy about it. But I’ve learned that poets/writers use IG, so maybe it is not a bad idea. I just don’t want to have to manage a bunch of accounts – I like just pushing my stuff from WP. That’s what I do on Twitter. Hmm … I haven’t even logged into that account since setting it up. I have no idea what’s happening over there. (heavy sigh)

I feel like, with everything so different that I do, I can’t just have one account, which will likely confuse everyone, kind of as how my WP site does. 🙂 But that’s ok. I’ll figure it out.

GarageBand is great, although my track sounds like crap. I am happy to say that before I buy anything, I think about repurposing first … which is good for my wallet and the environment. Hashoo! Atchoo!

A quote from one of my favourite artists:

Am I in hell?

Edvard Munch

The end!

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