After The Storm

Ten days before dad gets here. And I think my brother is coming as well. Too bad both of them cannot be here.

Is there such a thing as a twig garden? There’s gonna be.

I went for a walk and took pics of trees and stuffs, and along the way, I saw all these cool twigs and things, so I accosted them. “Hey! You are coming home with me.”

“No! We enjoy hanging out on the sidewalk with the worms.”

“You can’t stop me! Ha!”

The second and fourth from the left are my favs. I like that I found different size cones.

Let’s hope critters didn’t tag along! Did you know, as, like, with worms, dinosaurs also get crushed on sidewalks?

Poor guy! Musta just happened too, cause he still has his colour.

You should read Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. It’s a quick one and I find it funny.


Meet me at the qaṣaba. We can watch fireworks, then drink chrysanthemum tea and cuddle under the stars.

Mon May 23, 2022

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