May 19 – Journal Entry

I received a great suggestion from a fellow WordPresser today – Carol She suggested that I reserve two days a week for writing longer pieces, and the other days I can work on my poetry. I think my two days will be Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday. My concern about picking Friday is that I usually hang with my friends or go out with co-workers (yes. I know). I want to choose a day I will stick to for the long run – even after COVID.

While walking this evening with André, we passed by the community center. All the plants inside are dying – most already dead. I saw a palm that still seems to be thriving, which I find slightly upsetting, although I am happy for the palm.

Beaten rice (poha)

I bought two palms last summer, and they both died. I also had a hibiscus that got infested with spider mites – I sprayed the plant with soapy water, and it recovered well. Then I forgot it bring it inside for the winter and it died 😦  

Those plants in the community center must be lonely. They are used to people being around, and now there’s no one there, and they are dying alone. What’s it called when you project human feelings onto things?

Lunch breaks at the grocery store cause me to buy things I wouldn’t normally – I got cheese danishes and beaten rice (poha). The danishes looked yummy, and the beaten rice made me wonder, so I picked it up. Now I need to figure out how to cook it – I will make something this weekend.

Do you remember Iceman from the Justice League? And the Wonder Twins? “Wonder Twin power. Activate.” If I were a superhero … that reminds me of a great quote from Hunters: 

I’m a black woman in America baby. Superheros ain’t got nothing on me.

Roxy Jones from Hunters in response to her daughter asking if she’s a superhero.

La di da … If I were a superhero, I would want to be John Jones. I don’t mind being green once it’s without envy.

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