Journal Entry – Fri Sep 25

Well hello Holiday! I know right, it’s been so long.

This is going to be a short one cause I am tired. I finally made a decision and bought my 65 gallon tank. I rented a Uhaul and headed to PetSmart – DJ is transferred and so is my sucker fish, who never leaves his castle. Actually, he is like a roach, he comes out at night and as soon as I turn on the light he scurries back into his space. Fish are finicky.

I couldn’t buy any more fish – I have to wait a week or two for the bacteria to build up. I plan to get a bunch of guppies. I just hope DJ survives the transfer, going from a 10 to 65 tank is a big move, I tried to transfer as much of the old water as possible, and the rocks and plants and stuff. I bought new decoration so he has lots of places to hide and lots more space to swim. He hasn’t eaten though, the move is stressful. The sound of the filter is calming.

I got to watch Avery eat a small rat. André wants a ferret, I think they are creepy. I told him he can get one when he moves out. I may get a chameleon next, I love their eyes and how they move. I am happy with my new tank – Keep your fingers crossed for DJ. I might not sleep tonight, I am going to keep checking on him.

Goodnight 🙂

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