Kitchen Stuff Plus Love

Our first day back in the kitchen went well. I put the music on, and the boys helped cook the sticky rice and prep/cook the vegetables. Matt used a knife for the broccoli, but Dre decided he’d rip the cauliflower apart with his hands. That boy is different … but it came out well.

I learned a lesson, turns out you don’t need to use a knife in the kitchen. (I imagine him ripping apart a whole chicken at the joints. “Look Ma! No knife!” lol). Well, I also like to pull things apart. What more can I say.

We had broiled salmon with roasted broccoli and cauliflower. Those guys had sticky rice, but I didn’t. I wanna keep shit simple; not down to cooking anything complicated right now.

For the shopping, Matt went to the Asian grocery store and the dollar store for containers. Dre and I did most of the other shopping at Fresh Co. and Foodland. I have a feeling Foodland is going to close soon, the shelves are looking sparser and sparser every time I go.

I enjoy cooking! But still, my future potential partners better not ask me to cook for them or invite themselves over for dinner cause I’ll fuckin’ lose it and end the potential relationship. I have yet to figure out why that bothers me so intensely.


Sometimes I feel people think love is only reserved for certain folks, like their family and friends and lovers. Some people might even feel strange saying they love themselves or certain qualities of themselves. Love is not quantifiably.

Oh! I only have so much fuel in my tank of love and I cannot let it run out because the price of love gas is forever fluctuating and I may not be able to afford to replace it.

Well I think love is unlimited and you can love everything and everyone (in different capacities if you wanna get technical) without ever worrying about your tank of love drying up, because it is always overflowing. Love does not need anything to love it just does.

I love my mom and dad and my children and my siblings and my whole family of the whole wide world and books and my creativity and my coworkers and the universe and my friends and

flowers and words and languages and food and Thailand and alcohol (a problematic love) and knowledge and trees and learning shit and art and my bed and my home and my mind and the pets and silence and my stuffed animals and my neighbours and

being of service to others and cooking and eating and spending time alone and dancing (with or without music that others can hear) and my community (real and virtual) and dark matter and horror movies and

people I’ve never met and hugs and quantum physics and alcoves and the idea of a borderless planet (can you imagine that) and, and …

Don’t limit your love or your imagination!


Good night!

Sat Jul 23, 2022

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