Journal Entry – Wed Dec 30

Yo! Coming to you live from my favourite spot! It’s hella good to be home!

It rained and rained and rained – for the entire trip. I think London was sad to see us go (well me! London was sad to see me go!) and Toronto was crying tears of joy. I love you too!!!

Everything’s unpacked. I was going to put my mattress pad away, but I figured, why not use it! Now I have two pads on the bed; it feels super soft.

I gotta hear the boys bitch about washing the dishes instead of loading the dishwasher! André’s unpacking means dumping all his shit on the floor and throwing the bags in the corner. Apparently, he didn’t use the closet in London because there was a door to the attic. Bullshit! He doesn’t use the closet at home!

I am going to bed early! I haven’t been taking my pills! Goodnight!

BTW … My sister’s birthday is tomorrow! I have to make a 2021 copyright image!

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