Grrr – Break On Through

I was ready to quit today!

Everything health-related just seems to be moving in the wrong direction. I’m gaining weight. I’m sleeping less. I’m fighting with food. It was tough for me to go to the gym – I think if I didn’t have to meet my trainer, I would have stayed home. But I showed up. More for him than for me. (which sucks – I wanna show up for me!) After training, I went straight to the sauna, where I continued to feel sorry for myself.

Maybe I’m still in hell, and this is all an illusion. Seriously though, I need to see results or I’m gonna keep getting discouraged, then I’m gonna make all the wrong decisions. Hmmm … since I already know that, there might be something I can do about it.

I can’t give up, cause all my aspirations to become a ninja will go up in shuriken. I won’t be fit enough to punish litterers and lazies. One time I read somewhere that when you feel like giving up the most, that’s when you must push through – I’m gonna break on through to the other side, like The Doors.

It’s almost time for me to get off screens. I go play music and colour – shouldn’t have any issue with getting to bed by 10:00 pm.

Mon Apr 04, 2022

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