Journal Entry – Sat Oct 10

If you are interested in American History, specifically, Black American History, you should check out NYT’s 1619 Project.

Would you rather have a houseboat or a boathouse? I would like to have a houseboat in my boathouse or just a house and a boat. I’ve watched too many true crime stories where people sneak into houses and boats and wait for the occupants to come home, and they have no idea someone broke in. I will be sure to get a badass security system with lots of lights, sirens and cameras like on Paranormal Activity 1-100. I don’t even know how many movies are in the Paranormal Activity universe – I might have seen the first four. Hmmm, maybe five.

I will contribute to light and noise pollution cause I gotta test my security system once a week and it MUST be at night. All my neighbours will be pissed but also envious. Their security systems suck, but they can’t get what I have cause you can only have one per 10 k radius. And they really want it too because Sheila’s house, at the end of the block, got broken into and they stole all her fruitcakes that she bakes months in advance and gives out every Christmas. We all hate those cakes, but we take it with a smile, then burn it in the backyard. (you gotta burn it, you can’t just throw it out, that’s how offensive it is.)

When we heard the fruitcakes were gone, everyone in the neighbourhood was happy. And perplexed – like who in the hell would want to steal those, and that’s all they took. Sheila and her family are fine if you’re wondering.

I find that there are more grammar and spelling errors in my journal – Before, I would write in Word then copy to WordPress, then I stopped. I may have to start again – I mean, this is my journal, but still. And, I think, I use, way, too, many, commas,. And sometimes I forget small words, “it,” “the,” “but.” “Conjunction junction, what’s your function?” – Schoolhouse Rock!

My brother called me today, and when I answered, he couldn’t believe it. I haven’t been avoiding him or anything. I just kept missing his call. Sometimes I’d be about ready to grab my phone, and it would stop ringing. I should try calling the prison, “Hi my brother was trying to get me, I just missed his call by a few seconds, if you could put him on the phone I’d really appreciate it.”

He said he told dad that he can’t get in touch with me. Dad told him I’m probably working, but he was like, “I call mornings, afternoons, nighttimes, weekends, she can’t be working all the time.” That’s true, most times I’m sleeping. I told him about my meds. He asked me, “what’s the best time to call you?”

“There is no best time.” Then I laughed and added, “Just keep trying.”

I can’t get the weird frisbee loner out of my head. I will have to make up a story about him.

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