Sup Fam

Today I’m Polish! Maybe Korean. I can be both and plus everything else – we all cousins anyway! Hooray!

AND … I found a good paper towel replacement The Original 100% Biodegradable Reusable Paper Towels. It’s available on Amazon if you’re interested.

Finally figured out how to get my proper macros in protein, carbs and fats. I’m happy because I was consuming way too many carbs and not enough of the other two. It breaks down to:

  • Fat 75% = 42g
  • Protein 20% = 25g
  • Carbs 5-20% = 6-25g

Two days in and so far so good – I think calories are this arbitrary thing that maybe isn’t worth paying too much attention to because last night I went over my calories via fat and protein and I still lost a pound. Cool right!

When I start to get hungry in the afternoon I have my Rocket Fuel Latte with extra fuel (three tablespoons of hemp seeds instead of one), then I eat my usual dinner – fish or bacon or some other protein and veggies and sometimes more carbs in the form of junk but carbs must be kept at/under 25 grams total.

Today I had two servings of deep-fried pork belly from Nome Izakaya there’s some light tempura on it so I logged that separately – I’m experimenting. The majority of my calories came from fat and protein – I wanna see what the scale tells me tomorrow morning – I let you know. Tempura makes my head hurt or maybe I ate too much.

Works out to 2104 calories

I have this shit I do with Dre that makes me laugh like crazy – of course he doesn’t think it’s funny. The first two times he was in his bedroom …



“You awake?”

“Ahhhh no.”

I’m cracking up and he’s quiet. v2 …


“What’s up?”

“What you doing?” I can’t remember what he said but it was probably reading manga or watching videos – the usual. Then I came with the million dollar question.

“You awake?”

“I don’t know how I’m supposed to answer that question.” I crack up again.

Now today … the ultimate.



“Could you come for a sec please.”

He walks into the living room and says, “Yeah.”

I look at him all serious, “Are you awake?” Right after the last word left my lips I was on the floor.

“For real!? I was about to go in the shower!” He shook his head and walked away and I kept laughing.

Go! What you waiting for!?

My plans to go to the office didn’t work out – I feel icky. It sucks too cause I’m supposed to see Dee’s new office space – she’s only a thirty minute walk from my office – it will have to be tomorrow or Thursday or next week. Maybe we walk to her place and do dinner or something.

Would you want to see Tyson Fury in a bikini? Yeah! Neither me.

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