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Happy International Women’s Day! The Google Doodle artwork makes me smile.

I’ve been thinking about my life. Where I wanna go and why. Who I wanna be and why. What I wanna do and why. Although I change my mind frequently, a few fundamentals are vital to me. 

I will:

  • Continue to write
  • Continue to draw
  • Continue to get fit:
    • Physically and mentally
    • Financially and everythingelseally
  • Go to Paris, then Japan, then other places 
  • Continue to learn shit

I don’t know if Toronto will be my forever home – I’ve always liked the idea of being here in the summer/fall and anywhere else in the winter/spring (except NYC).

Here’s my plan:

  • I will stay where I am for the next two to four years – Matt will be twenty, and hopefully, Drè will be long gone. (pray for me)
  • After that, I will get myself a studio/loft-type condo or something in-between.
  • I will spend my time reading and learning and laughing and joking and dreaming and dancing and singing and loving and writing and arting and animating and working/volunteering 
Psyche – Berthe Morisot

BTW: Spring still grosses me out. It’s like Mother Nature up-chucked all the shit we gave her in the previous months that she couldn’t digest; which makes me wanna puke. UGH! Being outside in the springtime is a horrendously dreadful experience. Spring might look better in places where people pick up after their dogs and don’t litter and vomit and do other gross shit. I also hated spring in New York City. (I feel sick)

It’s time to go back to my 4:00 am wake-up – I got more done and felt better – I think. Last night I slept for two hours and forty-eight minutes. Average sleep in Feb was 4hrs 6min – So far for Mar, it’s 4hrs 18min – Hooray!!! 

Did you know Steve Perry was the frontman for Journey? I think it’s Journey. I love his voice, and my favourite song is Foolish Heart.

Don’t try to be anybody’s everything – I suspect it’s exhausting!

Tue Mar 8, 2022

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