Three In One

Fri Apr 15:

Sharing my kitchen and bathroom with teenage boys sends me over the moon with rage.

The kitchen is in a post-apocalyptical state AGAIN, but I’m not even gonna rant cause I’m focused on my four-year exit plan. The Boys could end up homeless; I don’t give a fuck. When it’s time for me to get my own place, THEY ARE NOT INVITED!!!

I spent a few hours today working then dancing, then modifying some items on my site. I figured out how to fix the Verse blocks. And I’m thinking about rebranding my Journal Entries – cause thems more than just stuff about my day. I don’t have a name yet. And sometimes, like now, I will use my artwork as the feature image. Yay!

I’m excited with this new theme cause now I can pull shit out of my journal and give them their own posts … sweet! Even images look great – it’s like I have a cleaner version of Tumblr. Of course, the regulars will have seen some of the old stuff already, hope they find it funny again, or funny now, if they didn’t before.

I want people to LOVE my stuff or HATE it, but I don’t want anyone to be indifferent to it. That will hurt! Then I will hurt them right back by ripping all the flesh off their face! (Hand grab.) “Who’s indifferent now bitch!”

Dre always asks me, “Mom! Why must you resort to violence?!”

“Because it brings me great jubilation!” 🎶 You make me so very happy, I’m so glad you came into my life.🎶

Thu Apr 14:

From End to Start:

Fab Thing Three:

OMG … Got to hang out with Glowbee this evening. Last time I saw her was pre-CO-V. I saw her online, but it’s not the same as in-person. Hung out at Bossman’s place after work; Jer had family obligation shit, so he couldn’t join. I feel bad for Jer but this is what happens with you make stupid decisions.  Having children … It can’t get more stupid than that!

I said “shit” three or four times – Sorry Glowbee! Sometimes I caught myself early; other times, it was too late. Hanging out with toddlers brings me joy! I got to wear a pink foam cupcake sticker on my right hand, eat wooden fruits and vegetables (funny – they taste just like the real ones), and make animal noises (my bag). 

Fab Thing Two:

LUNCH!!! We four went to Terroni. This time I had the Cavatelli Al Sugo d’Agnello and I shared it with Bossman and he gave me a slice of his pizza. Sharing a meal with people you love never gets old! LIKE EVER!

Fab Thing One:

Our Sales Director was in Toronto for the day! It was so good to see him. It’s been ages. I got to give him an entrance and exit hug! (Oh Joy). Again, I see him online every week, but it’s not the same. I like his sense of humour. AND we had a bunch of productive meetings. Seldom do I use “productive” and “meeting” in the same sentence, so you know it was terrific. And all I was thinking about in the morning is, “What’s for lunch?”

Wed Apr 13:

You know that feeling … you’re doing shit, but you ain’t doing shit! Like you can see that the shit you doin’ ain’t gonna amount to shit. That’s how my day was. 

Even though I went to the office and had my Red Bull around 7:00 am, I didn’t get my wings – can’t get wings from God or Red! FML!!! After getting caught up on my time reporting, I tried reading, but I wasn’t absorbing anything. The words are hitting my eyes and then bouncing off into space. “Wait! Where you guys going? I’ll try harder.”

I decided to take the day off and hang out in the office with Jer.

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