Lost in Toronto

I thought I knew where I was going, and I ended up at the wrong pharmacy. Instead of being 15 minutes early, I was seven minutes late. Who knew there was a difference between Parkwoods and Parkway. Shhhhhit!

FYI: Whenever I get lost, I think of that time I kept going the wrong way when I was supposed to meet my Boss and Jer downtown and Bossman finally said, "Stop walking! Tell me where you are and I'll come get you." and I wanted to cry. I also think of Drè and all the times I get mad at him for not knowing where he's going.

“Good morning. Sorry I’m late, went to the wrong pharmacy. I have a booster appointment at 10:25.”

Her aura spoke, then she did:

Bitch. I hate my job. I hate you. I don’t care where you’ve been. Fuck your good morning. “Fill out this form.”

Oh. You didn’t know I could read auras. Got my Aura Energy Reading Savant degree in 2020.

Degrees don’t need dates right?

See! Don’t laugh! That shit took me six years yo. I had to learn about Chakras, Aura Planes, Mysticism, Spiritualism, Tool Schism. All that shit! 

What you mean they ain’t got no universities in Antarctica? YOU’RE WRONG!!! (I have too much fun with Procreate).

I decided not to go to the gym this evening – Just wanna take it easy for another day or two – AND I have to make up three hours of work – I thought I could finish but … Anyhow, LaFit will see me tomorrow or Wednesday for sure cause I have to meet with my alternate trainer. 

You should watch Advent Calendar (2021?) French movie.

I’m trying to decide on and create the visual roadmap – I hate when I take forever to make decisions. Well, choosing/modifying a template may appear to be a little thing, but obviously, it’s not. It’s eating me up inside because this roadmap has multiple audiences. It has to be easy for updating and for Dev to take it and make it their own, and for my boss and sales to show it to whomever. So … I need to pick a suitable format! AND hope that everyone is happy with it!

Ok. Maybe I am exaggerating about the “eating me up inside” part. At least, I’m down to two options, so that’s good. 

I don’t know what I’m doing when I sleep, but every morning the covers are all the way over on the right side of the bed. This weekend I get my tat! Yay!

Mon Jan 31, 2022

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