Sleep Data. Sleep.

… Good boy!

Hello Metadata! I love you! 

I first dated Meta in 2000 something, likely around the time I worked for IBM Canada. Then, lucky me, we met again when working with SharePoint in trying to organize sites in my current role – probably around 2019. Did you know you could make a career from working with Metadata? Neat!

I broke up with him because he didn’t know anything about data privacy, ethics and integrity. He’s matured. Now we are dating again and looking to make it permanent. I hope he doesn’t metamorph into Kafka’s roach or something uglier, like mean folk.

🎶 I’m a Metadata dandy. Metadata do or die. 🎶 Cheers! To discoveries! Remember Data from Star Trek?

Are you ready for that day!

Do you think you could date an average person-sized roach if it were everything you ever dreamed of in a spouse? (except for being a roach) An almost ideal partner who fulfills all your wants and needs. Perhaps you can’t go out with him cause he’s vermin and the only thing everyone else sees is a roach. But you see forever when you look into your partner’s multi-lense eyes. And who cares about outings, you have several streaming services and food-ordering apps.

I wanted to go to the office today but I decided too late. Packing my bag, making my lunch, and taking out my clothes help me prepare mentally as well. Soon my coworkers will forget me – I’ll be a ghost. A wallfly.

BTW: Flys on walls are very noticeable, even if they are quiet. You don’t learn anything from being a wallfly (or a wallroach) because people will see you and forget what they were going to say or hold back all the juicy bits. And anyway, I’d rather be a wallflower – flowers always get people talking.

Cybersecurity work course complete? Check done!

I will go to bed early and sleep until my alarm goes off in the morning. Ok? Ok!

Good night!

Wed Dec 14, 2022

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