I’m Sooo Over You!

There are such things as Vampire Hookers (196?), in case you’re wondering. If they remade that film, they’d have to change the title to Vampire Sex Workers – I’d watch it again, in all its cheesiness.

I’m glad I didn’t buy all-access tickets to Toronto After Dark; I would have missed three days already.

The other day, I wished I’d kept one of Dee’s toys – Betty Spaghetty! And there was this other miniature doll set … Polly Pocket – I played with them more than she did.

When I find myself playing a game too often, I will delete it from my mobile phone. Also, I tried playing a few games I loved when I was younger, Metroid and one of the Zeldas they have out – I couldn’t get back into them, and when Metroid came out, I was so happy. Maybe I only liked playing cause her name is Samus. I don’t what it is about the Zeldas but I just can’t.

I love these leisurely cozy type games like Unpacking, Cozy Grove, Encodya, Bear and Breakfast, and Cult of the Lamb (there’s some fighting in there, but it’s not constant)

Oh … something else I learned about myself; it takes approximately one month to get over something I might have been initially super excited about. I.e., I am officially over the iPhone 14 and the iWatch Ultra. Let’s hope I remember the ~ one-month basking period next time I get excited for something.

Also, I am officially over Uber and every other food delivery app out there with their exorbitant fees for this and that. I look at my cart, 30 bucks – I can deal – I go check out, and it 50-60 dollars. WTF! That’s like a whole nother meal. I’m not hungry no more! Even with their discount membership shit – it’s still expensive! All of you can fuck off and die!

It’s important that I live where I can walk out to a smorgasbord of meal options. Now that I am thinking about living below my means, everything that I didn’t question, I’m questioning. Which is good – new perspectives always make me giddy up with joy!

In addition to the microbursts scattered throughout journal entries, who are waiting still for their spotlight posts – I have lots of photos I’ve taken that I’m proud of, and they must have their posts too – I feel I told you this already and might not have made the time to do it. I don’t know if a professional photographer would approve, but I don’t care.

I especially love taking pics of buildings, sculptures, cityscapes and people going about their business – non-posing/candid photos.

I’m gonna be like dad and tell you the same stuff over and over again, and you’re gonna nod and laugh and listen on with intrigue like the first time. Got it! Good!

Getting ready to start right now! – AND this theme is perfect for such stuff! AND I’m gonna watch more cheesy horror flix as I work.

Things are getting back to normal.

Fri Oct 21, 2022

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