Journal Entry – Thu Oct 1

I’m so proud of my daughter – her credit score is 824. My score has never been that high but your children as supposed to do better than you, it’s the natural order of the universe.

I told her to tell her grandfather, he’d be proud too and will probably say something like, “I wonder why your mom hasn’t reached that yet.” Plus … the money she had to borrow to supplement her university education will be paid off by the end of the year. Lately, even though she is a graphic designer she’s learning to code – HTML, Javascript and CSS, and I think she likes it.

Spotify has this new thing called Radar – you can listen to emerging artist from all over the globe.

I love the color of swiss chards and they taste as good as they look too. Bonus! I haven’t done anything work related since Tuesday and that was just to arrange the meeting with our US client.

André wants to get a job so he can buy his own groceries. Works for me! I had to transfer my avocado plant from water to soil myself – My daughter said she’s not doing it for me this time 😦 But it turned out ok, plus it helped me stay awake.

So … I will share lecture four, Moral Monsters and Evil Personhood, with you tomorrow – I’m not in the right mental state to explain anything – plus I feel like today’s lecture didn’t stick, I might have to watch it again. I miss Netflix. Disney sucks ass, but the kids like it!

My dentist was in a better mood. He’s training a new assistant but no drama this time. While I was waiting for the receptionist to ring me up I was thinking …

“No more than 500$ please. Nah, that’s kinda unreasonable. Ok, no more than 700$. Common 700$. 700$! No whammies!”

“That will be 1023$ how are you paying?” (Jesus in heaven)

“Can I run a tab?”

“Maam, you’re at the dentist.”

“Sorry! I mean ah … Visa.”

How come people don’t get my jokes? And like, how come I can never put away enough money for the visit to the dentist. Last time it was 98$ over, now it’s over 200$, I’m not going in the right direction. I have to go back in November for cleaning, which shouldn’t be too traumatic and the boys go back in April 2021.

Mother Russia is also in my cup 🙂

Speaking of running tabs – the liquor store is a stone’s throw from the dentist. I was looking out the window salivating (I’m joking). It’s easy to drool when your face is numb, I couldn’t even rinse my mouth properly.

I have impulse control issues and I hate routine, I need to switch things up all the time.

BTW – The kids and I are going to learn to play poker and I didn’t win the lottery.

The Dog Walker is still messaging me – I am going to send him a Dear John kinda letter – I don’t have another lover and we aren’t breaking up but his name is John so it’s appropriate and poetic. You know, if I sent some dude a message and he didn’t get back to me, I might send one more, just to make sure. It’s possible that the first one got lost, but that’s it. He’s sent me three messages:

Sep 23: Good morning
Sep 25: Hey
Sep 30: How's the day

I don’t understand how anyone of Color can support the American President, especially Black Americans and I don’t understand how people can be racist. I just don’t understand it and it makes me sad.

Floyd’s sister is appealing to the public, to get out and vote for Biden.

This Indigenous woman, Joyce Echaquan, died in a Quebec hospital, a few days ago, but before she passed away she live streamed to Facebook all the nasty things the nurses were saying to her. I didn’t watch the video, I didn’t watch George Floyd’s either. I never watch videos like that. I will just end up crying. One nurse got fired but there was more than one there – You’re a nurse, aren’t you supposed to be compassionate and caring? Guess not!

I think I need a break from the news again. I wish I could speak every language in the world.

One of my favourite songs from one of my favourite Russian rappers – technically he is from Belarus. Sometimes I will ask my Belarusian co-worker to translate.
One more 🙂

I’m gonna go kick some stranger’s butt in Scrabble – No mercy!

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