Gray Day White Night

Okay, so I might be wasting all of my vacation days because when I am unproductive for whatever reason, I will take time off; sleeplessness, moodiness AKA blahness, can’tgetupandgoness. Why? Because I feel being unproductive at home is different from being unproductive in the office. AND I feel guilty if I don’t put in a full day.

I’ve seen my share of worklessness at work, but since you’re already at work it wouldn’t make sense to take a personal day … Plus, I’ve had a lot of old school managers who seem to think if you’re in the office you’re working. You’re stupid. I cannot respect you. Idiot. When my children were younger, I had this one manager, who just didn’t understand, if my child is sick and can’t go to daycare, I can still work, why would I take the day off. We called him Dumbo for a reason. One day, in trying to justify why working from home is a bad idea he says to me,

“If I worked from home, I’d end up mowing the lawn or something else. ha. ha. ha.”

“What makes you think I’m like you? Your lack of discipline has nothing to do with me.”

Then the conversation went further off the rails – we were already going to crash at some point anyway.

Anyway, I don’t know how to say what I am trying to say, but I know how I feel. Whenever I have workless days, I will book them off because it feels wrong not to. And in the end, it doesn’t matter if I use up my vacation days; I got nowhere to go and if I do go, I can work from anywifiwhere.

Did I ever share with you the many times The Boys tell me I need to explain myself better?

“Mom! I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“What do you mean you don’t understand.” You’re stupid! (I’m working on it) Most times I can explain myself better when I write vs when I speak. Even throughout my entire school life, this was true.

You know I love puzzles right? Well, I found an app called Art Puzzle – very cool because you’re putting together someone’s drawing. Neat!

This is from the puzzle art app. You have to put together the background, foreground, building, etc. then something will move once you’re done. In this case, the cyclist rode by each other.

Sometimes I forget how to read manga … what the hell!? How am I at the end of the book already? Oh yeah.

BTW: I love the word ramshackle. 

Thu Feb 17, 2022

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