Add Title No. 2

Sometimes I just can’t think of an appropriate name for my post. We went to Outback for dinner.

I wonder how it is that everyone in NYC isn’t deaf. It’s loud all the time.


People don’t walk between train cars as much as they used to when I was younger. This guy comes through; he’s eating some kinda pastry; shit’s falling on the ground. A can of iced tea is occupying his other hand, and he’s bopping to whatever music is coming out of his headphones.

Then the man throws his head back, finishes his beverage, crushes the can and throws it out the door. So I walk up and ask him, “What’s that you just did there?”

“You talking to me?”

“Am I looking at you?”


“Then who the fuck else am I talking to!”

“Get out my face bitch!” He goes back to boppin’ his head, ignoring me.

Since I couldn’t walk with my trusty axe hammer, spear, 2×4 or taser, I had to improvise. Took my iPhone 12 Pro Max out my pocket and turned like I was going to walk away, held that shit tight, then I whipped around and chopped him in his throat.

Man down!

It was a beautiful move. I didn’t even bother telling him what the issue was.


More from MoMA

Robert Rauschenberg – Bed 1955. I like that they used an actual quilt and pillow.

I am a fan of abstract art now and I like the one above too, but I’m not sure what kind of art that is!

Barnett Newman – Vir Heroicus Sublimis (Man, Heroic and Sublime). I don’t know why but I love this!
Clyfford Still – 1944-N No.2. I also love this!
Thu Jun 16, 2022

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