I am making beef stock and started way late. Toasting aromatics at two in the morning ain’t something I’m looking forward to.

It dawned on me recently that I don’t have any friends who are interested in art/writing/poetry. One of my girlfriends said, “I don’t get poems!” (She doesn’t know that I write them and have a blog).

Speaking of, I hated analyzing poems in high school and university. Sometimes how people teach things can turn you off. I don’t think I wrote a single poem in any of those classes.

🎶 Dead disco. Dead funk. Dead rock n roll; remodelled.
Everything has been done. la la la la la la la la

Dead Disco – Metric

I want my work to connect on a personal level. I feel like analysis interferes with that connection – You can love or hate something without knowing exactly why, and that’s ok.

If I were a teacher, I’d rather my students read all genres of authors and write their own poems, instead of analyzing dead people’s shit. Then if they find a love for the topic, we can get into the technical details and analysis of different pieces. But then I’d get fired cause what would I quiz/test them on?

Anyway – I’m gonna see if there are any meetups for art/writing/poetry people or poetry reading stuff. Is having a private collection of art a status thing or an investment thing, or both?

🎶 Hey, Hey, Hey. It’s Faaaaaaat Albert!
And I’m gonna turn out to beeeeee
a rapist, just you wait and seeeeee.

Fat Albert TV Show Theme Song (Knowing What We Know Now Remix)

That’s all I got for the remix! BTW – I am fat, but I have never sex assaulted anyone! I just want to clarify, in case you think all fat people are rapists.

The world as we have created it is a product of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

Albert Einstein (in The Transformation Playbook by Brightline PMI)
Mon Oct 24, 2022

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