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I am spending the long weekend at Dee’s palace. The view is even more beautiful at night but my photos look like crap so you will just have to imagine it. I think the Pixel takes better nighttime photos than the iPhone.

🎶 All my single-income ladies. All my single-income ladies put ya hands up. Oh. Oh. Oh. If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it. Oh. Oh. Oh. 🎶

Technically I am not a single lady. I’m every woman!


Boys and men need protection from predators too, in whatever form those predators may come. I hope my boys aren’t abusive in their relationships, and I hope they aren’t abused by partners or so-called friends.

Cheers! To never meeting a Katherine Knight or other such type!

You know how people get charged for impersonating law officers and doctors; they should get arrested for fake claims of domestic violence. I think all you can get accused of now is mischief. But IDK, so don’t look to me for knowledge; I am looking for knowledge myself 🙂


Would you like to be a Lip Service Technician? 

When repeated lip service is paid, your job is to:

- Investigate and confirm lip service activity.
- Issue a written warning to the offender.
- Enter offender demographics into the All Talk No Action database. 
- Apply score to the offender by entering data into the weighted scale.
- Serve re-offenders with a fine and remove them from their position.

We take your safety seriously and train you for violent confrontations. You may need to break into homes, all legal, and remove individuals while they sleep (for the least amount of drama).

Here at Action Speaks, we want to make the world a better place for everyone and do everything within legal parameters, and sometimes on the fringes, to remove talkers from positions of power within government and corporate organizations. Our motto: Death to the actionless! 

Good night – I go think about stuff!

Thu Jun 30, 2022

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