Grateful – Discover One Word Prompt

I am grateful for:

  • the relationships I have with my children
  • cultivating a clean heart
  • setting aside time to write
  • the freedom to express myself
  • all the bloggers I met on my Discover One Word Prompt journey
  • being nominated by Laura McHarrie for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award
  • taking a few extra minutes this morning to enjoy the scenery from my bed
  • the arrival of my second Monocle Book of Japan
    • and now I can get intimate with the first one 😁
  • my dad and his girlfriend surviving, and recovering from, COVID in Brooklyn, NYC
  • listening to music or catching a flick while I work
  • my dynamism, flexibility and change adeptness
  • learning Japanese with Duolingo
  • still having my job, and the rewards and challenges that come with it
  • all the people I work with
  • finding my journals from the ’90s
  • my long-time friends
  • laughing the loudest at my own jokes
    • saying that makes me laugh
  • the sunlight that floods my room throughout the day
  • my balcony oasis
  • going to Thailand and learning more about Buddhism
  • my perpetual excitement
  • movement
  • finding a reason to celebrate everything 🙌
  • bathing, and getting kissed by, a baby elephant 💖
  • being able to do whatever I wanna do. Gosh!

Wow! I am grateful for making it to the last day. Throughout the month, there were days I struggled and felt like I cheated because I didn’t write enough. Ready for another round! 😀


Feature Photo Credit: @hellomikee via Twenty20

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