May 9 – Journal Entry

I watched a documentary by Jiang Nengjie, Miners, the Horsekeeper and Pneumoconiosis – it is about illegal mining in China and the effect (or affect) it has on workers’ health when using illegal explosives and mining without proper equipment. Heard about it on The Intelligence podcast by Economist Radio.

André spends his days watching YouTubers. Should I be concerned? I have a couple of YouTubers I love, but I can’t spend my entire day over multiple days watching them – Would I, if I had nothing better to do? I will watch with him occasionally – there’s one guy I like, BHD, he will tell personal stories while playing video games. Or Young Don, also personal stories but animated.

Sometimes I have movie marathon days – I guess watching YouTubers isn’t much different. But I’m a bit worried because he doesn’t seem to do much else. I have work, special projects, and my writing to keep me busy. What does he have? He doesn’t even do his school work.

I think I am going to put all the results from my eHarmony quiz in one post. That way, it will still have it even after I close my account. I just discovered that I could make private or password protected posts – that’s pretty cool. 

It snowed today. Crazy. It’s May. 

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