Journal Entry – Thu Dec 24

Happy Christmas Eve!!!

The lasagna was a hit!

Yum! And lots of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Secret Santa gift !? … Opened!!!

OMG Dee was my Santa and she got me a JBL Charge4 in RED!!! Shit’s gonna be loud AF when I’m in the kitchen, shower, bedroom, everywhere! (I love that I can connect multiple JBLs too. Dee has the Charge3) Dee apologized to everyone in advance for getting me the speaker 🙂 


I already told them they are going to wake up to music in the morning!

“Mom! Not before 9 am, please.” 


Everyone loved their Secret Santa gifts:

  • Dee got three video games of different genres from André. 
    • Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion (Action-Aventure)
    • The Occupation (Stealth)
    • Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition (RPG)
  • Sabs got a massive bottle of Grand Marnier from me. (he’s already soaking)
  • Matt got a bath/skin/haircare set from Sabs.
  • André got a set of resistance bands from Matt.

So far, the plan is to stay up after midnight and open the remaining gifts. Four hours to go 🥱😴 I will probably fall asleep before then. “Mom! It’s 12:02 am; wake up!”

Today I got to see Glowbee – She always makes my day. And she waved and smiled too (BONUS!!!) lol. She reminds me of my children when they were babies, you just forget your problems in their presence!

My boss said it’s a pleasure working with me, like he looks forward to it! I told him I love having him as my boss – He said he doesn’t consider himself that way! Isn’t that beautiful? (a friendship for the ages 🙂 )

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