Jun 27 – Journal Entry

I ran 11k today, and it was easy. Well, I am exaggerating on the easy, just a tad. But I witnessed a valuable lesson … For whatever reason, I was more aware of my self-talk during my run today. 

When I got to ~ 1.92 km, I was ready to stop. Heard myself saying, “Go back to bed.” “You can run later.” “You have to clean up the kitchen.” “You have to get ready for your presentation on Monday.” “That plant is dying. You should water it now.” “You should do yoga first, then run.” “You need orthotics. Do you feel that pain in your ankle? Your knee?” (I didn’t make any of that up.)

All these thoughts to get me to stop running were swirling … I realized that it wasn’t physical limitations holding me back. I felt fine. Nothing was hurting or burning. My heart rate was up, but I could hold a convo without panting, and when I got to 11k, I felt like I could keep going.

The one bad thing was the time it took for my heart rate to come back down – I am sure it was too long, but I have to check. Mind you, it’s not like I completely stopped moving.

Fitbit vs Nike Run Club report my splits totally differently – Back in 2015 (so long ago), I gifted myself a Garmin for my Scotiabank half-marathon. When I started training again in 2017 the stupid watch died; the screen was all messed up. It looked like water got into it or something. I am not going to buy anything new until I am training consistently for 6-8 weeks (that means I don’t miss a single run or workout). Consistency is a problem for me – unless I am workaholing, alcoholing or carbing. 

FItbit v NRC

BTW – I believe NRC, not because the numbers are better but because running is their thing. Plus I was watching the clock because I’ve noticed this discrepancy before – I will pay attention to the clock more closely next time – is a lap the same as a km? Or it might be more accurate when I run outside – when you get to about 15k you don’t want to be running inside anymore – it gets boring.

I would like a wearable that tracks everything and is small and flat like a nicotine patch. I would also like nanites that increase my VO2 max, help me build muscle and lose weight faster. By “faster, I mean overnight. lol.

I’ve read a few blogs that say your blog should have a theme – like maybe book reviews or … (I can’t remember the other examples – car reviews? Probably not.) Anyway, I wonder if I have a theme? I thought I didn’t, and when I started, I didn’t want to have a theme cause I just wanted to write about whatever – feeling that having one topic would be creatively restrictive.

But now I feel like I kinda do have a theme – I tell stories! Duh! (lol)

I was laughing at all the stupid shit Trump says – I think it was a CNN article (went down a rabbit hole and ended up at CNN). I rarely read CNN, but I liked this one because it wasn’t just a collection of quotes, they also took the time to offer context and debunk the quotes … Then I wondered if I should even read and laugh at this stuff .

Then I wondered how someone in such a prominent position could be so stupid. And it’s like he doesn’t even know how stupid he is – sometimes I feel sorry for him – he’s sad. Does Trump illustrate the collective average intelligence of Americans? He must right? They elected him. (Yes, I know about all the interference.) 

I finally watched Knives Out (2019) and loved it. Reminded me of Agatha Christie’s Poirot or Miss Marple . Even Columbo or Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote – Those are my favourite (Of course I love Sherlock Holmes but Knives Out didn’t feel Holmesy) I love detectives/private investigators. I also loved Mike Hammer.

I used to read the Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew when I was a kid. I still read Sherlock Holmes. I was going to be a private eye but fate stepped in and choose me to be a ninja instead – I was and I am 😉

Mind negative self-talk (Telling yourself to shut-up isn’t rude.) Fall in love with you again – flaws and all 🙂

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