Journal Entry – Tue Nov 3

A few years back, while cleaning out the skeletons in my closet, I got an idea for a business. Sam’s Skeleton Removal Service. Tag line: Contact us NOW to Free Up Space for NEW Skeletons! Bonded! Confidentiality Guaranteed!

That’s the back side of my business card. Cool right!

Our very first client was a surprise. At the time, he was a high school sophomore already in desperate need of our service. “This is going to be a lifelong client.” I thought to myself as we bagged the almost 100 skeletons for removal. For a client so young, we had to make our move during the day. He told his parents he wasn’t feeling well, and once they and his siblings left, we pulled up and got to work. We were pulling out skeletons of all sizes, and some of them were so tangled with each other I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

We took a beating on that first job but I just never thought one person could have so many skeletons. You live and you learn. That experience led to an immediate change in my pricing model. Now we charge by the pound.

I will remove your skeletons for free because you are my friend. If you’re concerned about me knowing stuff that I shouldn’t, I can send a colleague.

You should read: – I didn’t even know there was arsenic in rice.

That’s our receptionist. (Photo Credit: Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay)

 I had a mandoline accident. Nearly lost a finger. I decided to slice garlic with it and had my middle finger in the wrong position (no one can afford to lose their middle finger). Mind you, I don’t flip people off often; when I do, it’s usually for fun.

André said, “Just don’t bleed on the food.”

“Thank you for your concern. Please bring me a bandaid.”

We had an excellent meeting with our US client for the dialysis project. I think we are mending the relationship, which always makes me feel GREAT!!!  (like Frosted Flakes)

I feel like the world is watching the US election (maybe I’m projecting).

Feature Photo Credit: @jesslharbin via Twenty20

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