Apr 22 – Journal Entry

Coming to you live from the usual spot, my desk in my bedroom where all the magic happens (I mean creative writing magic). Writing with my sunglasses on because I have a persistent headache – since last night. I’m not my usual awesome self today, obviously. It even hurts to laugh and no more pills for 24 hrs.

By six am, I knew I wasn’t going to make it, but I had meetings I needed to honour. I sent my boss an email telling him I will probably only do a half-day cause of my headache. He replies saying that he had a headache too and it made him puke – My boss overshares but I still love him. (I guess since I am putting my journal online, I’m oversharing too).

Work is picking up again – I don’t want it to mess with my writing tempo,  hehe (a nod to Discover One Word Prompt of the day 🙂 

I’m mulling over the idea to get another Monocle Book of Japan. One to keep on my shelf as a collector’s item, I won’t even take the plastic off, and the other to take everywhere. I think I’m gonna do it. I didn’t get the chance to install Japanese keyboard yet.

Got the May issue of my Monocle Mag today – I am happy! 

I don’t have any Japanese friends. I have Indian friends, Russian friends, Egyptian friends, Jamaican friends, Polish friends, Romanian friends. The thought crossed my mind to use Bumble to find Japanese friends, but I feel that would be wrong – Nobody makes friends so they could learn a new language. Friendship comes naturally.

I could date a Japanese guy though cause dating is a forced relationship (that sounds bad, but it kinda is at least in the beginning)

The boys were making all kinds of noise and I had to keep shushing them all-day “Don’t knock on my door so loud.” WTF!!! A few weeks back, I wrote: I Am In A Meeting! on a PostIt. I’d stick it on my door like clearly, if you see the note, don’t knock and don’t barge in – that message isn’t clear to them. Boys are weird! 

I can only hehe. Can’t LOL or LMAO today, which sucks cause I love to laugh. 

If the whole world laughs when I laugh, does the whole world have a headache right now? Damn right, it’s called COVID-19 🙂 

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