Improv Poetry

Did you know that poets looking out a window is a thing? An inside joke, perhaps – on the importance of being observant or a way to say that observing is what poets do? That makes me laugh because you can catch me looking out of windows all the time. “I’ve arrived!” lol.

I’m slowly getting my head out of Shakespeare and other dead poets (I’m still writing my sonnets). But now I am reading various poets who have yet to die. At one point in early 2020, I was in love with Kahlil Gibran – I rented his book(s) from the library and read everything.

I said I was going to continue my journey to the center of project management … and I will (one day soon, maybe), but I was trying to wrap up Flag – so far, one of a few poems I put quite a bit of research into. 

Thinking about my rap poetry ancestors/influences from a lyrical standpoint is a bit tricky because of ghostwriting, but I’m working on it … a few who immediately come to mind are Eric B and Rakim, 2Pac, Biggie, Ice Cube and Naz. To be continued. Yeah! All men! 🎶 I got nothin’ but love for you baby! 🎶

I need to clear my head!

Thu Nov 24, 2022

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