Memories Of An Insomniac

My sleep is becoming shitty again. Not that it ever really got better. I tried to get work done in the late morning/early afternoon but my eyes were burning so I jumped back in my bed. Literally!

Sometimes even though I am tired I have these bursts of energy. I think it’s adrenaline. I’m waiting for my fam doc appointment. But mind you, I haven’t fully got back with my sleep hygiene routine since NYC.

šŸŽ¶ Toopy, Toopy. Binoo. Binoo. Toopy and Binoo. Toopy! That’s me and here’s my friend Binoo! šŸŽ¶


House of Horrors Adventure Series

“Step right up! Step right up! At specific intervals, as you walk through the house, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your bodily harm. Would you like a blunt force traumatic injury or a sharp stabbing penetrating one. Maybe a burn of the third degree?”

“Is this safe!” One person waiting in line shouts.

“Of course! You may not make it out alive but that’s the adventure. Plus, we have an ambulance and emergency helicopter standing by. No worries! Step right up! Step right up!”

Helihow! That’s the stuff I come up with when I don’t sleep!

šŸŽ¶ The wheels on the bus go round and round. Round and round. Round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round. All through the town. šŸŽ¶


Do you remember Richard Scarry’s books? Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm and all the characters from Busy Town? Tintin and Snowy. I used to read the comic books. (I might have told you that one before.) Also Highlights magazine. My mom used to buy those for me. If I recall correctly. And Polkaroo from the Polka Dot Door? And Today’s Special! AND Mr. Dressup and Mr. Rogers and Lambchop?

I had a little puppy. His name was Tiny Tim. 
I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim. 
He drank up all the water. Ate a bar of soap. 
Then he ended up with a bubble in this throat.

In came the doctor. In came the nurse.
In came the lady with a crocodile purse.
Out went the doctor. Out went the nurse.
Out went the lady with the crocodile purse.

I never liked that nursery rhyme. I have no idea if Tiny Tim is alive or dead. But swallowing a bathtub full of water and eating soap can’t be alright.


Today I learned a new term, two-spirit. To be used by Indigenous folks only.

I am thinking about what poem I want to post next on IG. BTW – There is a spider on my windowsill. I am going to write a story about it.

šŸŽ¶ This is the song that doesn’t end. Yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was and they’ll continue singing it forever just because. This is the song that doesn’t end. Yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people … šŸŽ¶

I use “good” and “leave” too often … I cannot use them in my next few posts or poems. I’m kinda paranoid about sounding repetitive. I don’t know if that’s normal. But if the word(s) suit the situation I probably shouldn’t be afraid of it. At the same time, there are multiple ways to express the same thing.

Wish me a stupendous night’s sleep. Ok? Ok!

Wed Jul 06, 2022

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