Journal Entry – Mon Dec 14

Four out of five Christmas gift bags are locked and loaded. Waiting for Matt’s gift to arrive – hopefully by Dec 21 (cutting it close, I know). I will tell you what I got everyone after Christmas Day – I don’t think anyone will want to return anything (another reason I hate gift giving – if I give you money, you can buy what you want and skip the return lines. But I guess I get it; unwrapping a gift, that you might hate is more exciting – that doesn’t mean it makes sense.)

I had a balanced diet of Candy and chocolate today – 🎶C is for Candy that’s good enough for me. Candy, Candy, Candy starts with C 🎶I blame my bad eating habits on the Cookie Monster – Why didn’t he eat carrots or collards or cabbage? And why did he have to gobble up everything and make a big mess? Ever heard of moderation! That’s why he’s always blue! (I wonder if food can affect your mood, from a clinical standpoint?)

Dee asked me if feeling sick after eating junk doesn’t serve as a deterrent – If only! I will try not to waste mental energy wishing I could exchange my entire digestive system or had nanites to burn off the excess sugar before it turned into fat or … (anyway, you will probably hear that, or something else like it, from me again in the near future)

One day I will be able to say – I’m a lean, mean, fat burning machine! My motto will be Built to Burn! (stuff down 🤗)


I have a new sense of purpose – learning to apply design thinking to problem-solving at work. I go finish roses and draw cylinders (cans of beans) – Lessons 9 and 10.

Missing my speed of light internet!

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