RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Wed Jul 28:

Do you think my ability to howl uproariously at everything is a blessing or a curse? I think it’s a blessing, until I get funny looks and realize I shouldn’t be laughing. Oh. Ops. Loling still cause when people look at me funny, I also laugh at the look on their faces. You stop looking at me funny first thence I’ll stop laughing. Mayhaps! Perby! (my rich internal monolithic monologue) – I know you might think “monolithic” is not the word I wanted to use just then, but you’d be negligent, lol, cause my monologue is long, imo, and it is made up of sentences, which are structures. There you go! 😍

Yesterday while painting my condor, I wondered why I am so in love with these guys. Maybe condors are my … (I was going to say “spirit animal” but that is a specific sacred Indigenous tradition and I believe there is a process/ritual to get a true “spirit animal” assignment; based on my shitty understanding/memory from the ONE college course I took oh so many years ago. I’d tell you to Google it but I don’t think you’d find the truest info.)

With all of that said, I find condors incredibly attractive, I don’t know why, but I do and I feel connected to them.

My Watchbird

FYI – Moleskine pages hold up well to watercolour.

🎶 Love, love, love, why’d you take so long to come to me. Oh baby. And love, love, love, tell me were you hiding from me, all the time. Each time I find someone to take your place, it was all in vain. No their lips were never quite the same. When I was kissing someone new, deep inside I was missing you. You made me fall in love with you now I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I looked out into empty space and all I saw was your sweet face 🎶

Compete in existing markets and anticipate new ones. One might envision a business’s future as a better vision of the current business. This may limit opportunities for expansion into new and related industries. For example, a cable TV company that defines itself as providing television programming might be framing its future too narrowly. By defining its mission more broadly, as the transfer of information to and from homes, it can position itself to provide internet, home security, home automation and telephone services using the same cable. (omg that’s exactly what Rogers does and maybe Bell too)

Thing # 62 of 101 Things I Learned in Business School (I’m tired of typing this already. Gosh!)
Thing # 62
That’s not the zombie chicken cat btw, in case you are wondering!

I find it tremendously perplexing that I can so clearly see something in my head, but cannot draw it. I have to buy a new desk, my old work desk is now my new creative desk

Bonne nuit! I am waiting for my French workbook to arrive – should be here by Friday. I couldn’t sleep last night, I did my French lesson from ~ 3:30-4:00 am. I will focus on French, especially since I have someone to help me learn, I wonder if I can be fluent by this time next year?

Don’t get it twisted, Japanese is still my first love 🙂

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