RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Wed Jul 14:

Hello! It’s hump day! A Quiet Place II was good. Yesterday I was thinking I liked them the same but today I feel the first one was better. The other day I learned that koalas can have chlamydia but since my koala is a crazed one, I think it has advanced syphilis. lmao!!!

A moral hazard exist when organizations and individuals are not required to bear the negative consequences of their failures. Moral hazards can result from a positive feedback loop: for example, a lender that is insured by the government against loan default may make very risky, high interest loans to uncreditworthy customers because it will do no worse than break even, and may realize a very high rate of return. i.e.: Bank makes high-risk loans ->Many loans not repaid -> Government bails out banks -> Banks do not suffer losses

Thing # 97 of 101 Things I Learned in Business School

Oh I forgot to mention that the word my dad crossed out from the card is “bless” I updated the caption. My wrist feels better today, I’ve been icing it and trying to remember to lift heavy things with both hands. Working on capturing movement and interaction – I have lots of homework before I go to next lesson.

I am almost ready to start gathering info from the team on roadmap stuff – I got a lot done today, including re-organizing info to make it easier for others to receive. That is my hope at least.

Sleep tight and if bed bugs bite, wake up and bite them right back. (that’s gross so maybe don’t or you could if you want to). Or you could gather up a bunch and make bed bug stew. Yummy ewwwww!

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