RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Tue Jul 13:

Do you remember the neighbourhood zombie chicken cat? He stopped by today demanding hotdogs and I’m like, “Dude! There’s no meat that belongs to me in this house and I’m on my way to physio.” He went fuckin’ cat chicken shit crazy, ripping up the carpet and meow-clucking loud as fuck in the hallway.

Everything looks better in pen! (from the other day)

“Calm the hell down you weirdo. Do you want some Spanish rice?”


“Is that a yes or no?” He pushes past me, walks over to the dining table and takes a seat. He’s evil eying me the whole time and I tell he’s thinking, “Hurry the fuck up bitch!”

“Listen, I can’t warm that shit up for you. You gonna have to do it yourself. I got physio remember!?”

That muthafucka when crazy, AGAIN! Came running at me and bit a chunk outta my right forearm. Fucked up my tattoo. Shhhhhit! I’m already starting to turn. Zombie chicken cats are rude and ungrateful!

Tennis elbow have I and also a sprained wrist. The physio lady bandaged me up and gave me ultrasound and massage. I have to go back twice a week for 6 weeks or something, maybe 4.

Right page is from today

My next appointment is this Friday. Now I cannot lift anything heavy – have to carry stuff with both hands and have to apply ice for 10-15 min multiple times a day. I don’t even know how/why this is happening – I think once I strengthen my wrists I will be alright.

On my way back, I was trying to figure out what’s causing it, but I don’t think it’s my workout because then would both wrists have the same problem, it’s not like I do one hand pushups and planks.

Guess what? A Quiet Place II is available for free on Prime – I couldn’t believe it when Matt told me. We gonna watch it tonight.

This is the card I got from my dad – just because! 🙂 Thanks Dad!

Dad doesn’t like the word “bless” He can’t stand it! lol.

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