RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Sat Jul 17:

I been waiting for what feels like years for Antlers to come out. 🎶 Good morning heartache you old gloomy sight. Good morning heartache though we said goodbye last night. Stop haunting me now. Can’t chase you no how. I’ve got Monday blues, straight through Sunday blues. Good morning heartache, sit down. 🎶

Ok so … my character will be a shape shifting ninja. I know right …. awesomeness!!! That would work but I need a “thing” that is going to identify me, no matter what form I take. An ascot cravat! lol. A ninja with an ascot! ha! I also have to draw a tattooed person – I will draw myself! Woohoo – I might take a pic and trace it. Speaking of ninjas, I need a name for my character and I need to find a good model.

Did I tell you I added RU(I)N to Vocal? AND … I now have 119 frames which works out to a 23 second movie where you will probably see my hand holding the guy and my finger in front of the camera and the lighting might be off and my armatures don’t move right. #ARMATUREJOINTSMATTER

Ugh. It is really hard to move them – I figured cause I was using a softer wire it would be easier. It’s not. I will have to build new armatures with proper joint parts but I will keep these guys and just slide them around – I still have to edit the movie and add music … is there stock music? Hmmm. I think I will do like those old silent movies where you put up a sign that says something – I loved watching silent movies, and black and white too. That is my plan for now … Keep my current armatures and make more movies with them, without trying to make them move like normal, and build new armatures for regular movement.

Materials are “free”; it’s everything else that costs money. Business costs can be categorized very generally as material costs or human costs. However, material costs have human costs embedded in them. For example, the price of an item purchased at retail has embedded in it the costs of all previous labour, profit, licenses, transportation, tariffs, etc. When a product is traced back to its physical origin – as raw material in the ground – material costs theoretically vanish.

Thing # 22 of 101 Things I Learned in Business School.

I hope I didn’t share that one with you before – Maybe if I read the book like a normal human, I wouldn’t have to keep track. I’ll just put a star next to everything I read from now on, if I don’t have any notes/questions about the thing.

Did I tell you I saw the butcher’s butt crack? … I’m minding my business at the grocery store, I think it was the day I went to get my Stoner ingredients, and I just happen to turn around when he’s bending down to restock the beef section refrigerator shelf . My timing couldn’t be worse. What’s that saying about seeing things you want … Like if you want a dog you will notice everyone that has one, or if you want a baby, you will suddenly start seeing pregnant women, and strollers with baby in them everywhere you go. Damn it, I can’t remember what it’s called. anypoop … I don’t want a butt crack, I have my own. I don’t understand why this is happening to me. I’m one butt crack away for losing my mind.

I had a chat with Matt today, apparently one of his social media followers or followees is a bigot and during Pride month he posted the flag with a circle and a line through it, like a no smoking sign, but instead the pride flag replaced the cigarette. He said he unfollowed the person … but the fact that this someone he knows from high school is sad. I’m glad he came to me about it, obviously whatever he saw/heard affected him. Although I’ve told him not to watch/entertain people like that, for whatever reason he still does. It’s like he is trying to make sense of and understand why this kid, and others like him feel the way they do.

I don’t care who you are, if you have hate in your wherever hate lives, then I have no time for you … At the same time, just because I don’t want to hear or see it, doesn’t mean I’m blind to it – I just prefer to nurture myself with good stuff. You cannot reason with unreasonable people, and I’m no psychologist, my mission isn’t to change people, but I hope that what I do share is good, uplifting stuff you know, that makes you laugh and/or think and maybe in the process you will look at things differently and grow yourself. Plus I’m a ninja assassin – change or die! lol. I wish my children would read more books and be more selective about what they consume. I know you can learn stuff online, I use the Tube for work and play stuff all the time, but that shouldn’t be your primary source of info.

Dré tried to take the TV remote from me and I started screaming like I was being murdered, then he left me alone. lmao. It was funny.

“Mom! Do women have wet dreams?” – Question from Dré.

You should watch The Wave (2019?) with Justin Long. nd you should also watch Paradise Hills (2019)

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