RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Thu Jul 15:

I canceled my Monocle subscription but I will buy their books. I haven’t been reading the magazines as much as I used to. I am trying to control my impulses but … wish me luck. Hopefully I don’t have to end up living on some remote island somewhere, without cell reception, to stop overspending – sometimes I think when I buy stuff I don’t need I am compensating for something, but I don’t know what that something is. Yet! I cleaned off my desk and I feel like I’m ready to live a minimalist lifestyle, I might not be able to fully until the kids are gone but I am going to start.

I always wanted a studio, I love the openness of a studio, which is not the same as a bachelor. Maybe that is where I will live later. Today I found myself wishing my bed was smaller, because it would take up less space, but I’ve always loved the space on a king bed. (I wonder sometimes if I got a king in anticipation of my future Dream Boat – but we are not going to examine that right now 🙂 ) I may even end up sleeping on the floor, Japanese style, not like André with his sleeping bag. But I have to keep my bed for when dad comes to visit.

About once a year I will purge, go through my close mainly, sometimes the entire house, and donate what I don’t need. I have this strong desire not to consume, hopefully it spills over into my diet. lol. I was reading about SpaceX in my roadmap book and I realized, I don’t want to leave earth and become a Martian and anyways women don’t belong on Mars, we are from Venus. I wonder how we met on Earth? Besides, based on my zodiac, I would like to live on my ruling planet which is Saturn, I believe. I am a Saturnian who is ready for the Big Change (not). By the time it all ends I will have died. We don’t even know actually if it will end, our universe might expand indefinitely or could end in different ways.

Back to reality … Yesterday was a very productive work day, not so much today. I did a whole lot of more reading in preparation for next steps and felt this sudden pang of uncertainty. Sometimes I think too much information is temporarily disabling, like I have so much stuff in my head and I don’t know how to sort it yet. Maybe I should limit how much I read on a certain thing at certain times and trust that I have enough info to move forward until I realize I don’t. But I don’t want to realize I don’t have enough info at the wrong time … like in the middle of a meeting! That would suck. I hate feeling not ready. But I will carry on, even in my internal unrest calm regardless.

On Organizational Design – Legitimacy and power … Companies like Amazon or Ping An give innovation power and legitimacy. To have an impact, innovation needs to feature in the organizational chart and at the very top. Either the CEO, a co-CEO, or somebody reporting directly to the board needs to be responsible for growth and innovation and spend serious bandwidth, time and energy on it. Talking about it at the top level is not enough.

Unfortunately, innovation still lacks legitimacy and power in most organizations … When growth and innovation lack legitimacy and power that sends a very strong signal to to the company and often leads to severe consequences with long term impact:

1) Innovation is not prestigious and it’s not seen as a priority, so everybody puts it at the bottom of their to-do list. 2) People avoid exploring new ideas because they fear taking risks and damaging their careers. 3) Promising innovation projects remain vulnerable and get killed by the antibodies [lol – I like that] of the organization. Because innovation is not perceived as crucial, few of them get scaled, because the short-term agenda prevails. 4) Your best talent doesn’t choose innovation as a career path and either leaves to go to the competition or to a start-up.

… We distinguish between three types of innovation – (from Harvard prof Clayton Christensen) Transformative (most radical), Sustaining (improve and expand proven business model) and Efficiency (improving how smoothly your existing business model runs)

The Invincible Company

I love this book – I can’t remember what prompted me to buy it but it’s a great reference. The pages are glossy with lots of illustrations and lots of ACTUAL company/product examples I feel good when I read it.

One of my artwork assignments is to make myself into a character – That is going to be fun but I am interested in so many things, I don’t know what my cartoon character would look like – an open book, (an angry open book) What would an angry open book look like .. the pages would be ripped out then replaced with tape when I calm down, eventually becoming an unreadable, yet still open book 🙂 . You can enjoy looking at the rips under the tape and the scribbles/doodles in the margins.

I also have to make my own emojis and draw childhood stuff from memory – I remember I had this little Indigenous doll – she was my first doll ever, I was probably about 4 and I lost her in a taxi – maybe it was a dream. Hmmm. I remember going to Stabroek Market with my aunts and grandmother Mimi. I’d always get coconut water. I loved watching the guys – they’d cut it open and hand it to you to drink. Then I’d scrape out the jelly, I can’t remember how I got the jelly out, maybe they detached it too before handing it over, I only had to reach in and take it out. Fresh coconut jelly is the best!

My emojis so far

The point of a visual presentation is to get the audience to listen. It can be tempting to pack slides or presentation boards with extra information to look smart or give the audience extra value. But the most effective visual presentations are clear, concise and even terse.

Limit text on visual props to a few lines or bullet points; five or six is usually the maximum. Never read slides to the audience [this I learned from Toastmasters, but it’s difficult not to do sometimes] – use other words to reinforce and expand on the point being made. When using presentation software, reveal the lines as you speak them, otherwise the audience will stop listening to you while they read the slide. If you have additional details to convey, put them in a takeaway handout or send them afterward in a thank-you email.

Thing # 71 of 101 Things I learned in Business School

Good night – food fight!

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