RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Sat Jul 10:

I went to the mall before it got crazy busy and my brow lady is back – I was so very happy to see her – my brows are finally looking hella sexy – like the rest of my face. I gave up on trying to wax myself months and months ago. I got a super simple vegan cookbook with colorful illustrations on every page – I love it, The Vegan Stoner Cookbook 2. 🎶 Everybody must get stoned. Everybody must get stoned. Everybody! 🎶 I wonder if a vegan stoner’s recipes will be different from a vegan drunkard? Will I get stoned automatically if I eat vegetables that are already high?

All the recipes are illustrated like this and all the pages are glossy 🙂

Well … I am pleased to say that I now have 50 frames which adds up to a nine second movie, lol. It took me 30 seconds to shoot, joking, more like 20 minutes, not including the setup time of 10 min. It was fun. I like the precision of it. I was trying to get my dog to walk but it wasn’t working out, I had a script/scene in mind but I will go where my armatures lead me. So … Let’s say that’s 10 minutes per 25 frames, I haven’t done any editing yet or added any music.! It’s Alive!!! 🙂

Last night or the night before I had a dream that I shat myself – this is the second time in maybe a year. This time I was out with friends, could have been coworkers, we were at a theatre, when we got up to leave, I pooed. We walked across the street to an award show where we were all on stage and I tried to hide the poo behind the podium. I think I was holding it in my left hand since we left the theatre, (not sure why I didn’t throw it away when we were outside). No one noticed and it didn’t smell. All the people who went on stage after us stepped on it but it was like, I was the only one who was aware of the poo the whole time. Of course I was nervous too cause I thought they’d find out it was my poo. I decided I will look up my dream, but I feel like this is telling me, all the shit that I worry about, literally, is only visible to me because it only exist in my stupid head.

Dee found a place that is 10 min walking distance from me. She is on the other side of the mall, closer to the library. She’s moving out at the end of the month, we started packing kitchen stuff – she is the proud owner of two of my Instant Pots (the air fryer and the slow cooker) and the aburi grill and the charcoal grill and the hot pot. I am not going to use them anymore and she’d grill everyday if she could. I got used to the idea of her leaving. I am alright now. Come August First – the boys and I will have more space!

I will stick to my Moleskine books from now on the paper feels way better – I might give away the sketch pad or use the paper for other stuff – apparently you can also make stop motion stuff with paper but I don’t think I have the mechanisms to film things that are flat (I will have to look into it). Here is today’s art – I started with pencil then traced over with ink- I thought about erasing the pencil but it’s my sketchbook so I will leave it:

Aaaaah Moleskine! My Favourite!

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