RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Tue Jul 06:

Seems I’m all set for the product planning meeting tomorrow – my presentation is done but as usual with things like this, I am nervous about the reception, even though I have no control over that!

For some reason I went back to look at my dad’s response – I guess in my head I was thinking about what everyone said and feeling pretty good and I realized that my dad didn’t say that he liked it or loved it or hated it, he just kind of assessed it and responded with thumbs ups, hug and wondering emojis and something about Eve wanting knowledge. I will take it as:

  • Thumbs up equivalent to, “Holy hell! That’s the most wonderfulest poem in the world!”
  • Hug as, “I support you. I’ve always supported you and will continue to support you. I’m proud of you.”
  • Wondering as “I cannot wait for your next artistic outpouring”

Use your words dad. Use your words! My mom was in my dream last night and it wasn’t a strange one where I had to second guess if it was her after waking up. I was sure even in my dream. We didn’t talk but she showed up 🙂 I think she was standing in line at a grocery store possibly, looking as fashionable as ever in her favourite colours – I remember black and white stripes with red accents. I am wondering if she appeared because of the new discoveries I’ve recently made about my dad. If it is difficult for him to say “I love you” to his daughter, and I hardly remember hearing it, I can’t imagine how it was for the women in his life. At the same time though, I don’t remember ever wondering if my dad loved me, I knew he did, because we would always do so many things together – I think words are just as important as actions – if you say something your actions should support it and if you do something you may also need words to support it too. I speak up a lot at work but I did not speak up a lot in my – I will!

Do you think that people respond better to the things they like most? For example, I love words so maybe I would prefer a love note from my partner vs a box of chocolate? I’m not a big chocolate fan. If I had to choose between a bouquet (or even a single flower) vs a love note, I would choose both cause I also love flowers. I sometimes wonder if relationships breakdown when things become regular – for example your guy brings you flowers whenever you get together when you first start dating but then you get married and you are living together and be brings home flowers once a week on Friday. Will you get tired of the flowers or will you still appreciate the gesture even years later?

You know that saying about familiarity breeding contempt (i think that is how it goes)? Why does that happen? Where does love go? If you are tired of getting flowers on Friday are you going to say so or will you continue to accept the flowers with a smile while you are seething inside then one day get so angry that you beat him over the head with the bouquet and he will wonder what the hell is wrong with you cause he had no idea that you got tired of the flowers years ago. Sometimes we fail to listen and other times we fail to speak. I would like to make sure I do both at the right times

BTW – I decided I am going to bust out crying everywhere I go until I am comfortable crying around anybody in the world. And as I do that people will get as comfortable with Sad as they are with Happy and Angry (and Disgust maybe). You should watch Lucky (2021?).

Me Journal Time … I know it’s been a while right – today it’s all about superstitions (yes/no answers) – I’ve never heard of most of these:

  • Do you believe that someone who cuts bread in an uneven manner has recently been lying? No – For me the opposite is true. Do you know how difficult it is to slice bread evenly … so my question is, Do you believe that someone who who cuts bread in an even manner has recently been possessed? Yes
  • Do you believe that hanging wind chimes in or around your home will keep evil spirits at bay? No. If it didn’t work in The Conjuring (2013) why would it work in real life.
  • Would you feel uneasy if you saw an owl during the daylight? No
  • Would you feel uneasy if a candle went out without human interaction? If it was windy No. If it wasn’t windy Yes
  • Do you ever cross your fingers when you wish, hope or lie? No but I do find myself saying “fingers crossed” when I hope for stuff. I didn’t know people crossed their fingers when lying.
  • Do you believe that kissing someone at midnight on New Year’s Eve will bring you closer to them? No (assuming I did other stuff throughout the year, why is one kiss at midnight gonna work … or maybe it will work if I believe and cross my fingers.)
  • Do you ever pick a seeded dandelion and try to blow all the seeds off in an effort to make a wish come true? Yes but haven’t done it this year yet or last.
  • Do you ever place a fallen eyelash between your thumb and forefinger, guess which finger it will be on when you pull your fingers apart and then make a wish if you guessed correctly? No but I will now, if I can find the damn eyelash. If I pull out

I haven’t been drawing as much as I should – I will have to find a way to make time for the old stuff while still exploring and enjoying and not letting the new stuff consume me. There’s a time and a place for everything said someone – I know my time but not my place. lol! Noah told me I should try booking for my second vaccine. He got his on Sunday.

A profitable company may be chronically short of cash. A business typically makes a sale before receiving payment from the customer, while costs related to that sale, such as materials, labour, commissions and overhead are borne up front. Consequently, a business may be short of cash until payment is received. An especially fast-growing new company with rapidly increasing sales can be chronically short cash because the costs of growth (hiring, training, new facilities, etc) perpetually exceed the cash receipts from the previous smaller sales volume.

Procuring and maintaining adequate capital is crucial, especially for a new business. Borrowing money costs money, but the alternative is worse: Under-capitalization is one of the most common causes of business failure. It can bring down an otherwise healthy organization.

Thing # 29 of 101 Things I Learned In Business School

Ok … so I know what equity and debt capital is but how does under-capitalization occur? Is it you misjudging the cost to run your business and if you are profitable and always short on cash then maybe you are not profitable enough? That’s enough headbanging for today – My boss told me to bring my book the next time we meet in the office, so that’s what I is gonna do!

Sharon asked me to do a Happy Birthday Video for one of our friends – I didn’t think I could, but I did it 🙂

When was the last time you wore some cowboy boots – wouldn’t it be neat if cowboy boots were made out of real cowboys? I’d wear em!

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