RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Sun Jul 04:

Happy 18th Birthday Pixie Poo! I LOVE YOU!!! Dee was reminiscing about changing his diaper and taking him to school. He had medium rare sirloin mushroom steak and blackened shrimp tacos Moxies. He got a new monitor and lots of cash and spent most of his day as usual – watching YouTube videos – I told him it’s too bad that he can’t get his high school diploma from YouTube.

Now I understand the frames thing. For every second of video you need to shoot x number of frames and the higher the frame rate the smoother the overall look. So, dot, dot, dot, this means that the movements I made were waaaaaay too big. With the dog wagging his tail, I went from side to side but I had to make much smaller moves than that and it makes sense because when I look at the video you can barely see the wagging tail because the video is so short. The next thing I have to figure out is if I could move one character per frame and shoot each one in isolation – I feel like if I have to move more than two or three I might forget who’s doing what and the flow will be off. We’ll see.

I spent part of the day refining my armatures, thinking about what other sets I want to create and practicing moving body parts slow enough for 15 to 24 fps – OMFG What did I get myself into! I learned that I can also draw the faces and other things props into my movie after filming it (i think). I plan to redo my movie tomorrow.

Now I’m just hanging out with Dee and Dré watching rando animal/nature/food videos on YouTube – going wherever the next video takes us.

Sleep tight. I need to get myself a pair of pliers to help with the wire twisting and I made my dog shorter – he’s not a hotdog anymore, he’s a sillychillydog. lol.


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