RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Thu Jul 01:

Hello! My name is Sam and I just happen to be a Black Female! Cool Right! And of course, whoever you just happen to be is cool with me! 🙂 Happy Canada Day again.

🎶 To the rhythm of a timebomb ticking away. And the blare of the sirens on the streets. Chased down like dogs we run from, your grasp until the sun comes up. We crawl on our knees for you. Under a sky no longer blue. We sweat all day long for you, but we sow seeds to see us through, cause sometimes dreams just don’t come true. We wait to reap what we are due. Our days are precious and so few. We bring a dawn long overdue. We crawl, we crawl, all over you🎶

FYI – Concrete poems are a pain in the buttocks – this will be my first and last. I been working on it all day! ALL DAY! Except for when I took my three hour Zacnap and ate lunch and washed dishes. The selection of the font, the uncertainty of the image, the placement of the words, the reselection of the font, the spacing, the everything – then I got distracted for about an hour, reading about feminism on Vox and forced sterilization on PBS.

I am going to get back to work and see if I can post this today! Welcome to my July entries by the way.

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