RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Fri Jul 09:

I’m in my multi-poems in draft mode mode again.

I have a plan for making sure i art everyday. Since my journal is the ONE thing I’ve done mostly consistently since I was young and reliably for the last year, I will art before writing in my journal AND to make sure I do it, I will share a copy with you. Now i just have to figure out where to fit in Duolingo. This what me drew today:

I don’t like the paper in this sketchbook – it doesn’t feel right 😦

I need more space to do stuffs – André said he’s happy that I am learning to draw but he is concerned about what I am going to draw when I get gooder.

Have lots of work-work to do but I am very, very, very, excited. I watched Spiral with Matt today instead. You should put Hunter Hunter (2020) on your watchlist.

Do your marketing while you’re busy. It can be years from the time new lead is cultivated until it develops into business. If you wait for business to slow down before initiating a marketing effort, it may be too late for it to help you get through the downturn.

Focus on the need, not the solution. Customers don’t buy a copy machine because they need a copy machine, or a coffee maker because they need a coffee maker. They buy them because they need copies and coffee. Customers make purchases to solve problems. A good salesperson first seeks to understand the nature and extent of a customer’s problem before offering a solution. Often, the right solution is very different from what the customer assumed. A good salesperson will even talk a customer out of making the wrong purchase, because in the long run the customer will respect the salesperson’s honesty and may become a repeat customer. Further, losing potential sales in this manner may help you understand the direction in which your line of goods or services needs to evolve.

Thing # 50 and 52 of 101 Things I learned in Business School – you get two today cause the first one was short 🙂

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