RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Fri Jul 16:

Capuchin monkeys were being tortured in the field last night – there was so much screaming. So much blood … so many body parts.

To deal with the monkey torturers, I donned my ninja outfit, the one with predator camouflage. Why you torturing capuchins in the middle of the night when womansdem tryin’ a sleep dawg!? Made my way to the field all stealthy n shit, then yelled, “PETA muthafuckas!” That was the last thing they heard before I started dismantling all five of ’em. So much blood … so many body parts. “From PETA with love.” I said, while freeing the monkeys. They acknowledged with a nod and went about their business. I went home and slept peacefully in my bloody ninja suit. No one was allowed on the field today – the cops are still trying to figure out what happened.

We are renaming a major street in downtown Toronto due to slavery ties. Sex clubs and bathhouses are reopening and someone got arrested for anti semitic slurs. That’s all the news I was able to accomodate in my stomach today! I felt better about work stuff, calmer cause I have a plan and I organized all the stuff that was floating about my head. OR MAYBE it’s cause I worked out my insecurities with justifiable gratuitous violence. Either way, I feel better 🙂

Oooh – that’s what my cartoon character will be, a ninja! with a book in one hand and my trusty katana in the other. Duh, why didn’t I think of that yesterday. lol. (I will tell you how I got my katana one day since it is not typically a ninja weapon – but, as you know, I am not a typical ninja). Now let’s hope I can draw my character and I have to remember to keep it simple. There’s nothing that says I can only have one cartoon character that represents me right? As usual, I’m gonna confuse the heck outta people.

I went for a run/walk with DrĂ© before seven am. He caught me as I sat down to start working, a few minutes later and I would not have wanted to go. Don’t overthink it, just do it. I been doing wall sits while I brush my teeth (DrĂ©’s idea). And guess what – I did not order any fast food this week. AND I decided I will not buy any more alcohol for home, once this batch is done – I will save my plastering for social drinking.

I press too hard with my pencil

Today I learned that I am not good at drawing dicks! (heavy sigh. Dicks are like the most important thing!) and I have no idea when you’d send a BABY BUTT FACE emoji, you gonna have to figure that one out for yourself. Actually … I think it might work well for those “just because” occasions.

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