RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Sun Jul 25:

🎶 When I need you. I just close my eyes and I’m with you. And all that I so wanna give you babe is only a heartbeat away. When I need love. I hold out my hand and I touch love. I never know there was so much love. Keeping me warm night and day. 🎶

My love is blind. I got him a guide dog named Sputnik, but the dog quit after two weeks. “Your love is beyond blind, can’t you see?”

“But he’s my love. I cannot give up on him.”

“You try with that. I’m a pretty patient animal but I cannot work with your love another day. Not one!” I started crying as I watched Sputnik pack his bag.

“Sputnik! Please you can’t leave. You’re my last hope.”

“Mam Sam, your love is useless! Get rid of him now before it’s too late!”

Why do we stay longer than we should?

I’d like to be able to run Android OS on my iPhone. Is that too much to ask! I want all the Google and Apple people, including app developers, to combine the best of everything that I love and make it available to me at a fair price. On one device.

Yesterday I watched, A Dog’s Life (1918) and The Gold Rush (1925). Chaplin movies still make me laugh out loud. (I found them on YouTube) But I noticed with those movies they didn’t have the vintage Victorian swirly things in the intertitles/title cards. But I will keep mine – I know I’ve seen silent movies with them.

Now that I am editing my movie, I’m wondering if I got the FPS right. I don’t know how to work the stupid thing (Don’t you love when people call things they don’t understand stupid). It still feels like the frames are going by too quickly to enjoy the movie, even though I have way more frames this time. Homework!!!

Oooh … Started my French lesson before getting out of bed – I was going to do Japanese right after, but I felt like I’d forget what I just learned in French. Current plan is to do my Japanese before I fall asleep. I’m excited, and of course, eventually, I have to make my way to France and Japan is still on my list.

It’s too bad I cannot rip off my skin and lay it flat to take proper pics of my tats. But in addition to drawing them, I will tell you what they mean to me 🙂

Span of control is the number of employees reporting directly to an individual. The ideal span for a department or organization depends on the abilities of the managers and workers, the nature of work being done, and the similarity or divergence of tasks. Highly repetitive processes such as manufacturing can have a very large span, while creative businesses such as architecture and filmmaking may have a span of only a few persons. For most businesses, a good starting range for determining span of control is around six to eight. When a sole proprietorship expands, for example, the owner will often find it necessary to create a new, formal layer of management upon hiring around six to eight employees; another layer at 36 to 64 and so on.

Thing # 34 of you know what 🙂

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