RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Fri Jul 02:

Well, well, well … I finally finished my concrete poem and filmed my stop motion. I have some, maybe lots, of editing to do because it is very short so I copied a bunch of frames (thinking that will extend the length of my movie but don’t know if that’s how it works) and now everything is out of sync but we will see. It was fun though. I have to figure out the frames/minute thing and adding audio and stuff but my first one will be whatever it turns out to be. Dee told me I should check to see if I can edit the movie from my laptop as it might be easier that way.

I tried posting Reverence on Vocal but they have an approval process and it seems like I cannot just add an image. I have to write it out BUT IT”S A CONCRETE POEM! Their site is a lot more restrictive than WordPress, probably cause with WP you own your site. I don’t know. And I can’t even preview my post before I send it for review – that sucks. Technically, actually, I don’t even know if I can call it a concrete poem because the words don’t take the form of the shape of the thing (sorry, I’m having trouble explaining myself).

This is what I started with, but I thought it was hard to read and I didn’t like the font
Then I started messing with the fonts
Then I spent an hour 30 looking for free fonts. Finally found and downloaded Lobster Two and I thought the font was perfect but it didn’t look right inside the image so I decided to go around the image instead

AndrĂ© asked me if I am going to post my stop motion movies on YouTube. I haven’t decided. Yesterday I was wondering what would happen to all of the ranchers/animal farmers if everyone on the planet became vegan at once, I decided to look it up and found an article on BBC.

I have a new list of horror movies to watch, starting with The Power (2020/2021?) and I also want to watch Tokyo Fist (1995) and Bullet Ballet (1998) I love the name of those movies. I suspect most people wouldn’t want to take part in a Bullet Ballet unless they have a Death Wish. lol! I also wouldn’t go to see a Bullet Ballet on Broadway, who’s to say stray bullets won’t hit the audience.

Remember that time they brought King Kong from Skull Island and put him on display and he ended up breaking out of his restraints, running wild and killing a bunch of people in Manhattan?

More power to ya!

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