RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Sun Jul 18:

Working on an ode and a couplet and a something that is going to turn into an I don’t know what.

Dré made spaghetti after several times of telling me he was hungry, and me telling him to go find something to eat. He probably could have cooked three times over. He wasn’t happy but he did it. Then the Boy fell asleep – left his food on the table, the mayo out, the kitchen a mess. Nothing made sense. It’s as if he started eating, ended up on the couch and fell asleep.

Earlier in the week, he also made an appointment with and went to the doctor all by himself. I told him I was proud of him for everything and he acted like it wasn’t a big deal but it is.

I am looking forward to a new work week. I didn’t order any food over the weekend. I will see if I can get my second vaccine this week. I hate that they are doing same day booking, that’s not enough time for me to prepare myself to get stuck.

I did draw today but I will show you every other day so you get a full spread instead of half a page or duplicate – I think that will work out better.

Until tomorrow … 🙂

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