RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Sun Jul 11:

I didn’t renew my Instacart or Uber Eats memberships and I logged out of and deleted all my fast food apps. I may most likely delete Uber too. I feel like I could become a shut-in and I don’t want to be and even though I said no more Fast Food Fridays it still occurs quite a bit – we also have Fast Food Wednesdays, Fast Food Thursdays, Fast Food Saturdays. Fast Food Weekdays + Fast Food Weekends = BROKE AF DAYS.

So that is my plan – cold turkey on the fast food. If the boys don’t want to cook for themselves, too-fuckin’-bad, and now they have their own visa debit cards, they can order for themselves – if that is how they want to spend their 50$. I are promising myself that I am refusing to order food for the rest of the year! That’s a big promise – if I break it I will let you know.

I walked over to the grocery store this morning and bought ingredients to cook Spanish rice and broccoli, mushroom stir fry from my Stoner Cookbook. Doing that reminded me of when I had my bachelor pad downtown – sometimes I’d leave work and stop at the Kitchen Table to pick up parts for whatever I felt like eating that evening. They say you shouldn’t shop like that because it may cost you more since you aren’t buying things in bulk, i.e. buying two potatoes or onions instead of a bag. But I prefer to do that than have things sit and waste away in my fridge because sometimes I feel like cooking and other times I don’t. I might even change my mind between the grocery store run and when I get home. Today I followed through 🙂 I bought cereal and some canned lentil soups for when I don’t feel like cooking.

While cooking, I knelt to get the coconut oil and I must have had my wrist at a strange angle or something because now it kills and yesterday it was fine. BTW – I started sleeping without a pillow and my back, in between my shoulder blades doesn’t hurt anymore. knock on wood! (not that wood – lol) I’m using kinesiology tape on my wrist, although I don’t think that’s what it’s made for but at least my wrist isn’t as mobile

I finished my art exercise but I didn’t outline with pen – I started trying to draw with my left hand – I might redo this one cause it’s all about posing and body movement – I will show you again when I redo and outline in pen. And I still have more practicing to do outside of the videos – I find that watching someone draw and trying to follow them is more helpful, because you get to see where they started from and how they form stuff.

Took an Advil – gonna go lie down and feel sorry for myself.

Hello Monday 🙂

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