RainbowFire - Journal Entries

July 2021

Fri Jul 23:

Do you remember Reading Rainbow and Today’s Special? 🎶 Today’s special. It’s for everyone. Today’s special, come join in the fun. There’s magic everywhere and something for us to share. Friendly faces looking at you, won’t you meet us there for today’s special. 🎶 Right now I can’t remember the Reading Rainbow song 😦 – I don’t know if RR was a Canadian show – I remember watching it in the US but I could be wrong.

🎶 Read a book muthafucka. Read a book. Read a book muthafucka. Read a book. Not a newspaper. Fuckin’ magazine. Read a book Nigga! A fuckin’ book Nigga! 🎶 – that’s a real song.

I have a surprise for you. I sometimes feel like I am making excuses when I don’t draw, and I said I would draw everyday so … I put on Glorious Miles Radio and drew this for you (for me):

Mostly done. He was bending over way more but I don’t know how to show that yet! AND YES – His pants was THAT low! He might as well have been pantsless – smh. That shit should be illegal.

By or before the end of September my sketchbook should be full. I now officially have an arting desk area in the living room – for drawing and writing. My stop motion stuff is still taking up space on the dining table but it’s cool for now.

Oh. speaking on stop motion, I did my first title slide yesterday – I have a bunch more to go, but this is what they will look like 🙂 and I am hoping I can switch everything to black and white. Some slides like these come with the app but I couldn’t find a font I liked.

I did this in Procreate – I got the Victorian swirly things from Envato Elements – that’s where I plan to get my stock music too.

🎶 Little ghetto boy, playing in the ghetto streets. What you gonna do when you grow up and have to face responsibilities. Will you spend your days and nights in a pool room? You already know how rough life can be cause you’ve seen so much pain and misery. Little ghetto boy. 🎶

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