Blah Blah Blah

Tomorrow is Family Day! I’m in the throws of my first mid-life crisis of 2022 – Four more to go. 

I feel blah! Spent most of my day in bed – I’m glad tomorrow is a holiday. 🎶 I got Monday blues, straight through Sunday blues. Good morning heartache. Here we go again. 🎶 I really need to stop myself from NOT taking my pills.

I wonder if Zoe might be lonely? She sleeps by my bedroom door at night – You know how I know? Cause rabbit poo greets me in the morning. I don’t allow her in the bedroom because it’s not bunny proof.

Jer called me Sam Jam the other day, and I like it! He’s also called me Sapanther. Sapantha Jam. Hmmm, I might use that as my art signature. Maybe I could change my name like Man Ray. Sam Wil – Too bad my last name isn’t Jamboree. Ugh. (But it can be, cause I’m always ready to party. That’s not entirely true.) 🎶 One good thing about Prozac. When it hits you feel no pain 🎶 I always know when it’s time to start taking my meds again – I’ll explain another time.

I might draw later – if I do, you will see it tomorrow.

🎶 Oh when the saints go marching in. Oh when the saints go marching in. Oh Lord I want to be in that number when the saints go marching in. 🎶

You didn’t know I know church music. I only recently became a heathen.

Sun Feb 20, 2022

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