Lips Are Hard To Draw

Today was a disaster of my making.

I forgot about my doctor’s appointment. Then, in a rush to get going, I left my watch and phone behind, and I had to chase Zoey up and down the hallway cause she slipped out again. That bad timing bunny! Now that she’s used to going outside, I must be careful whenever I open the door.

On top of all of that, it was raining mist all morning. If you’re gonna rain, rain properly. Gosh! Light annoying rain, is what the weather forecast should say. It wouldn’t have been so bad if my appointment was with my family doc instead of this lady who is a specialist I see once a year. So I sat and waited, but they couldn’t fit me in because everybody else was on time or early. I have to go back in October. 

Then I realized I should have stayed home and gone to my meeting. Grrr. Enough about my crappy morning – I had a pretty good afternoon, and my bag is packed for tomorrow’s office trip day.


For years I’ve been asking Dre to change his voice message. He finally did it today. Here’s what it was:

Dre’s VM!

I signed him up for a trade program – we’ll see if he gets in. He also talked about moving out today. Music to my ears, but he has to get a stable job first. Because when you leave, you cannot come back! (and I have to remember to put in my time off from this morning.)

Woohoo! (yesterday that was)


Painting of an Art Connoisseur, Possibly Ira Aldridge by Léon Herbo

Lips are harder than eyes but easier than hands.


Statement: With the saints, ants march by twos, stumbling in untied shoes.  

Response: Army ants heavenly marching orders.

Pop goes the easel! Don’t ask me why. That’s just what easels do!

Tue Jul 05, 2022

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