Vocabulary Builderblunders

Finally, my air purifier got delivered. So happy was I to set it up and plug in that engineering marvel … then I hit the power button, and nothing happened. Are you kiddin’ me!?! Son of a fat hairy bitch!!!

After conversauteing with Dyson to get my expedited delivery fee back, I was chatting with them again in the afternoon. Frustrated for a lotta bit today, but it’s over now. I gotta wait five to ten business days for a replacement to do an exchange. At first, I was demanding a refund but whatever.




Having a heated discussion


I tried using the “Quote” format for my poem post, Bravado, but I changed it back to standard format this evening because I didn’t like the look – I can’t control the colour inside the quote block. 

That plant app is just ok for recognizing plants but then it wants to charge me for extra stuff that I could quickly look up – not as convenient of course, and as much as I will gladly shell out extra for convenience, I am not willing to pay for this kind. I don’t mind researching, and once I know what plant I have, it’s much easier for me to take care of it.

I have a cute ponytail palm and a ficus – those are the two I picked up recently from Ikea. Today I bought fertilizer, prunes and a spray to avoid disease and pests.

Got some words for sonnet sixteen – gonna get started.

Thu Aug 25, 2022

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