Paper And Pen Please

Today I overate by a factor of 10! Thanks a lot Bossman for nothing (or everything?) Then I took the afternoon off work. Lately, I feel less productive when at the office. Is that weird? AND I think it’s just me; those guys are okay. Poor Jer has to deal with my after-lunch antics.

The Great and the Not Good: Tomorrow I get to see our CTO and I am wishing for a ride home in the Tesla (putting that out there). Unfortunately, our CFO is sick. Sending get-well vibes! (messages through the Universe).

This morning was awful – so many worms on the sidewalk. Within seconds of leaving the house, I wanted to turn around. Next week I will be meeting with the Worm King to discuss creation of an underground shelter with a rain warning system so they know to get to the bunker and NOT go outside where they will be crushed underfoot and baked undersun.

Alternatively, we might consider building a wormhole to transport them to some place/time that’s sunny. The third option is to pave over everything and I don’t like that idea.

Recently I switched back to my sketchbook and a notebook for work stuff because writing and drawing on the iPad is not the same as paper and holding a pen or whatever media for arting. And sometimes I miss that. So … first sketchbook artwork for 2022.

Charcoal on Moleskine

🎶 Mmmm, ah. Sexy baby, good lovin’ daddy. Let me be your rockin’ chair. Just rock me ‘way from here. Let’s get it on. Come to me baby. Let me be your rockin’ chair. Just rock me way from here.

Rock me gently, let your arms shelter me from all hurt and pain. Make me feel like a cloud in the sky. Sexy baby, good lovin’ daddy. Let me be your rockin’ chair. Just rock me ‘way from here. Mmm, mmm, mmm. 🎶

Rockin’ Chair – Gwen McCrae

I love this song but find it confusing; if she’s the rockin’ chair, why is she asking him to rock her? What’s he really doing? Whatever! I still love her voice. Have you ever seen those sex chairs? They’re mechanical, and I think you can change the attachments – Saw it on a CityTV show called Kink, many several years ago.

When someone lends you a clothing item, are you supposed to wash it before giving it back to them? Does it depend on what the clothing item is, a sweater vs pantalets vs knickers? Does it depend on who the person is? Then what if I wash it and mess it up; like it shrinks or some shit? UGH!!! Navigating the world makes me itchy.

Matt has his play tomorrow, I think I will head straight there after work.

Wed May 04, 2022

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