Got Pests

Did you know that Munch also wrote poems n kept a journal?

I’m almost done with this Henry Dumas book, and I’m not enjoying his poetry at all. Some are interesting, but I don’t love any of them. I will read his short stories in Echo Tree – they’d better be genius (according to me).

The desks are where they’re supposed to be for next week. Another move I did by myself. Imma have to start charging for my services. Next week I will register a business and get going on my side gig.

We Re/Move Shit

Got Shit?

We rearrange/remove

furnitures and pests – including people

I still have to fix a bunch of posts on the site – remnants from switching themes.

My hair consultation didn’t happen. Something was wrong with their appointment system. Maybe they were in the middle of switching because it looks totally different now. I am looking forward to a scalp massage, but they are booked into September – I don’t have a new date yet.


To our second Name That Tyrant winners who knew it was Idi Amin Dada – I hope your British Colonial Army uniform fits well enough to make a statement and you are displaying your Dada bust proudly – for all to see. It makes a great dinner table centerpiece.

I am having a hard time finding early days info on the next person. If I give you what I have it will be too easy for you to figure out. We will be back with Tryant No. 3 soon.


I dreamed that I was a baby warthog and school kids were laughing at me cause I couldn’t walk properly.


This morning, before leaving for the office, I put a cute little plant in the rat condo, and they destroyed it. Dirt and rocks and plant pieces are all over the second floor. ugh! Rats!

I wanted to draw but I’ve had too much to drink.

Fri Aug 05, 2022

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